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Ohneiser, K., Ansmann, A., Chudnovsky, A., Engelmann, R., Ritter, C., Veselovskii, I., Baars, H., Gebauer, H., Griesche, H., Radenz, M., Hofer, J., Althausen, D., Dahlke, S., and Maturilli, M. (2021): The unexpected smoke layer in the High Arctic winter stratosphere during MOSAiC 2019–2020. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21(20), 15783-15808, doi: 10.5194/acp-21-15783-2021 .
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Remote SensingSea Ice & Snow
Engelmann, R., Ansmann, A., Ohneiser, K., Griesche, H., Radenz, M., Hofer, J., Althausen, D., Dahlke, S., Maturilli, M., Veselovskii, I., Jimenez, C., Wiesen, R., Baars, H., Bühl, J., Gebauer, H., Haarig, M., Seifert, P., Wandinger, U., and Macke, A. (2021): Wildfire smoke, Arctic haze, and aerosol effects on mixed-phase and cirrus clouds over the North Pole region during MOSAiC: an introduction. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21(17), 13397–13423, doi: 10.5194/acp-21-13397-2021 .
Rinke, A., Cassano, J.J., Cassano, E.N., Jaiser, R., and Handorf, D. (2021): Meteorological conditions during the MOSAiC expedition: Normal or anomalous?. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 9(1), doi: 10.1525/elementa.2021.00023 .
Krumpen, T., von Albedyll, L., Goessling, H.F., Hendricks, S., Juhls, B., Spreen, G., Willmes, S., Belter, H.J., Dethloff, K., Haas, C., Kaleschke, L., Katlein, K., Tian-Kunze, X., Ricker, R., Rostosky, P., Rückert, J., Singha, S., and Sokolova, J. (2021): MOSAiC drift expedition from October 2019 to July 2020: sea ice conditions from space and comparison with previous years. The Cryosphere, 15 (8), pp 3897–3920, doi: 10.5194/tc-15-3897-2021 .
Remote SensingSea Ice & Snow
von der Gathen, P., Kivi, R., Wohltmann, I., Salawitch, R.J., and Rex, M. (2021): Climate change favours large seasonal loss of Arctic ozone. Nature Communications, 12, 3886 , doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-24089-6 .
Belter, H.J., Krumpen, T., von Albedyll, L., Alekseeva, T.A., Birnbaum, G., Frolov, S.V., Hendricks, S., Herber, A., Polyakov, I., Raphael, I., Ricker, R., Serovetnikov, S.S., Webster, M., and Haas, C. (2021): Interannual variability in Transpolar Drift summer sea ice thickness and potential impact of Atlantification. The Cryosphere, 15 (6), pp 2575–2591, doi: 10.5194/tc-15-2575-2021 .
AirborneSea Ice & Snow


Muñoz-Martín, J.R., Perez, A. , Camps, A. , Ribó, S. , Cardellach, E. , Stroeve, J. , Nandan, V. , Itkin, P. , Tonboe, R. , Hendricks, S. , Huntemann, M. , Spreen, G. and Pastena, M. (2020): Snow and Ice Thickness Retrievals Using GNSS-R: Preliminary Results of the MOSAiC Experiment. Remote Sensing, 12 (24), p. 4038, doi: 10.3390/rs12244038 .
Remote SensingSea Ice & Snow
Stroeve, J. , Nandan, V. , Willatt, R. , Tonboe, R. , Hendricks, S. , Ricker, R. , Mead, J. , Mallett, R. , Huntemann, M. , Itkin, P. , Schneebeli, M. , Krampe, D. , Spreen, G. , Wilkinson, J. , Matero, I. , Hoppmann, M. and Tsamados, M. (2020): Surface-based Ku- and Ka-band polarimetric radar for sea ice studies. The Cryosphere, 14 (12), pp. 4405-4426, doi: 10.5194/tc-14-4405-2020 .
Remote SensingSea Ice & Snow
Wohltmann, I., von der Gathen, P., Lehmann, R., Maturilli, M., Deckelmann, H., Manney, G.L. , Davies, J. , Tarasick, D. , Jepsen, N. , Kivin, R. , Lyall, N. and Rex, M. (2020): Near‐Complete Local Reduction of Arctic Stratospheric Ozone by Severe Chemical Loss in Spring 2020. Geophysical Research Letters, 47(20), doi: 10.1029/2020GL089547 .
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AircraftBio-GeochemistrySea Ice & Snow
Krumpen, T. , Birrien, F. , Kauker, F. , Rackow, T. , von Albedyll, L. , Angelopoulos, M. , Belter, J. , Bessonov, V. , Damm, E. , Dethloff, K. , Haapala, J. , Haas, C. , Harris, C. , Hendricks, S. , Hoelemann, J. , Hoppmann, M. , Kaleschke, L. , Karcher, M. , Kolabutin, N. , Lei, R. , Lenz, J. , Morgenstern, A. , Nicolaus, M. , Nixdorf, U. , Petrovsky, T. , Rabe, B. , Rabenstein, L. , Rex, M. , Ricker, R. , Rohde, J. , Shimanchuk, E. , Singha, S. , Smolyanitsky, V. , Sokolov, V. , Stanton, T. , Timofeeva, A. , Tsamados, M. and Watkins, D. (2020): The MOSAiC ice floe: sediment-laden survivor from the Siberian shelf. The Cryosphere, 14 (7), pp. 2173-2187, doi: 10.5194/tc-14-2173-2020 .
Sea Ice & Snow