February 5, 2021

“Das arktische Eis ist ein einzigartiges Ökosystem”

Interview with expedition leader Markus Rex (German)

January 23, 2021

In pictures: Following the mission to discover how the climate crisis is changing the Arctic

"A journey with the MOSAiC Mission to the North Pole and back again."

February 18, 2022

Fish and squid found in the Central Arctic Ocean

Scientists detect unexpected species under the Arctic ice

February 8, 2022

Deep insights into the Arctic of tomorrow

Interdisciplinary results of MOSAiC drift published

September 14, 2021

Under the spell of the ice and cold on an Arctic expedition

During weeks on a research vessel drifting with an ice floe in the polar night, a photographer discovers profound beauty—and her own limitations.

June 10, 2021

Science on ice

One UEA PhD student’s journey to deep within the Arctic circle