January 23, 2021

In pictures: Following the mission to discover how the climate crisis is changing the Arctic

"A journey with the MOSAiC Mission to the North Pole and back again."

December 18, 2020

Scientists Braved the High Arctic to Chase Clouds on History’s Largest Polar Trip

"Photographs by Esther Horvath capture an extreme scientific mission."

December 7, 2020
Balloon-Town and Ocean City with low-standing sun and steaming leads in the background. Picture: Alfred Wegener Institute / Michael Gutsche

AGU Press Roundtable: MOSAiC Arctic expedition – After the ice

MOSAiC press roundtable at AGU Fall Meeting 2020, Tuesday, 15 December 2020, 11:00 am EST (UTC-5:00)

October 13, 2020

The grand finale to the expedition of a century

After 389 days, the largest Arctic research expedition of all time comes to a successful end in Bremerhaven

December 16, 2020

Two ArcTrainees – one big scientific question

A story about leads from the MOSAiC drift expedition

December 11, 2020

Beast of the Central Arctic

"Feast your eyes on Beast, the first remotely operated vehicle to brave the Arctic for 1 year."

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