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  • PBS Learning Media presents a short video, along with a background essay, that highlights the impacts of climate change on Native Alaskans around Barrow, Alaska.
  • In this video, scientists Dr. Jen Kay and Ariel Morrison explain positive and negative feedbacks in the Arctic using albedo, sea ice, and arctic clouds as examples.
  • This video segment from Wild Europe: Wild Arctic describes some of the plants and animals that make up the tundra biome. It also captures the harshness of the treeless arctic environment and the adaptations that different organisms use to survive a year's worth of seasons there.
  • The Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) - from research to improved environmental safety. This video explains the background, methods and aims of the Year of Polar Prediction.
  • In this series of five short films, learn why natural warming loops have scientists alarmed - and why we have less time than we think.
  • Expedition leader Markus Rex explains MOSAiC
  • This short video explains the root causes of climate change, and how climate change will affect the planet, with a focus on the Arctic.
  • Learn about the difference between land ice and sea ice, and the unique snow and ice phenomena that occur in polar regions.
  • The Arctic is warming at a rate almost twice the global average. This could be making vortex splits more likely, but is still up for debate among climate experts.
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