Developer: CIRES

  • This short video explains the root causes of climate change, and how climate change will affect the planet, with a focus on the Arctic.
  • In this video, scientists Dr. Jen Kay and Ariel Morrison explain positive and negative feedbacks in the Arctic using albedo, sea ice, and arctic clouds as examples.
  • This activity introduces students to the Arctic, including different definitions of the Arctic and exploration of the Arctic environment and Arctic people. Students set out on a virtual exploration of the geography of the Arctic using Google Earth. Students go on to learn about meteorological parameters that are measured by Arctic research teams and practice the measurements in hands-on activities.
  • Students dig into authentic Arctic climate data to unravel some causes and effects related to the seasonal melting of the snowpack. In particular, students learn about albedo and its relationship to snowmelt. This concept applied to global climate change on a large scale as well, and students go on to learn about the role of albedo as a self-reinforcing feedback mechanism.
  • This jigsaw activity is designed for students to become familiar with several datasets of Arctic weather data, collected in Eureka on Ellesmere Island. Students join a role-playing activity to read and interpret graphs while considering the optimal time to plan a research mission to the Arctic.