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April 24, 2020

Alternative resupply plan for Polarstern now in place

Thanks to the support of additional German research vessels, the MOSAiC expedition will continue, despite the coronavirus pandemic. The new team will start in May.

April 17, 2020

World Press Photo Award for AWI Photographer

MOSAiC participant Esther Horvath wins one of the world’s most prestigious photography competitions, with a picture from the MOSAiC expedition

March 16, 2020

MOSAiC research flight campaigns for the atmosphere and sea ice temporarily suspended

Polarstern crew continues to be unaffected by the corona pandemic

March 2, 2020

Two New Records at the North Pole

Despite adverse ice conditions, resupply icebreaker reaches the MOSAiC expedition

December 16, 2019

Change of Shifts at the North Pole

As the second leg of the one-year-long MOSAiC expedition begins, participants review the mission so far

December 10, 2019

10 DEC 19 – AGU Press Workshop

A year on the ice: MOSAiC at three months