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October 13, 2020

The grand finale to the expedition of a century

After 389 days, the largest Arctic research expedition of all time comes to a successful end in Bremerhaven

August 31, 2020

MOSAiC aerial campaign

First aerial survey flights in the Arctic since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic

August 19, 2020

MOSAiC expedition reaches the North Pole

During the final leg of the expedition, the research vessel Polarstern reaches the northernmost point on the Earth

July 31, 2020

Time to Say Goodbye

The MOSAiC floe’s days are numbered, but Polarstern will continue the expedition further north

July 27, 2020

Sea-ice extent in the Arctic at a historical low

Especially low values off the Siberian coast, Northeast Passage ice-free since July

July 6, 2020

The latest findings on the MOSAiC floe

Scientific study describes the nursery of sea ice and provides the basis for future assessments of research data