Ryleigh Moore

Ryleigh Moore
University of Utah
Role / Position
Applied Mathematics PhD student
MOSAiC School, Sea Ice,
Akademik Federov Icebreaker,
Description / Responsibilities
I am a participant of the MOSAiC School. I will help set up a distributed network that will be used to collect data during the yearlong expedition. Additionally, I will help collect data and record observations during my time in the Arctic, learn from leading experts in Arctic research, and meet people from around the world who I hope to form future research collaborations with. After returning home from the expedition, I will serve as a MOSAiC ambassador.
My biggest challenge
I expect that challenges may arise; however, I know that the organizers of the MOSAiC expedition are very well prepared to handle difficulties that may occur.
I am most excited about
I am most excited to see the sea ice in person. I study the topography of the sea ice surface and the effects that it has on melt pond evolution. Since I have only seen photographs up to this point, being able to see the ice in real life will be an unparalleled experience that will further my research by allowing me to develop a greater understanding of the Arctic region.