Ruzica Dadic

Dr. Ruzica Dadic
WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research
Role / Position
Senior Research Fellow, Visiting Scientist
Sea Ice,
My tasks on MOSAiC
Sampling of physical properties of snow. We will measure the thickness, spatial distribution and microstructural properties of snow.
I am most excited about
The continuity of measurements in a remote natural setting is really exciting. Most snow processes are hard to understand if we don't have repeated measurements at different spatial scales, which is why the opportunity to work on the MOSAiC project is fantastic and will hopefully provide us with the necessary data to improve our understanding of heat fluxes in the Arctic. We can't plan for the weather, which might be the biggest challenge of all. We are doing our best to mitigate risks associated with unpredictable environmental conditions, but a risk always remains when doing field work, especially at the scale of MOSAiC.