Ola Persson

Dr. Ola Persson
University of Colorado/CIRES and NOAA/ESRL/PSD
Role / Position
one of initial scientists instigating MOSAiC; co-PI on a) US NSF air-ice-ocean energy flux grant and b) ARM mobile facility presence; atmospheric lead for Leg IV
Atmosphere, Modelling, Remote Sensing, Sea Ice,
I, V,
Description / Responsibilities
Obtain high quality air-sea-ice energy flux measurements that can be understood in combination with ice/snow mass balance measurements; capture significant flux events and their links to storms, ice movement, melt onset, melt end, etc. Understand how the conditions for the "New Arctic" differ from those at SHEBA and how the differences impact the surface energy budget and the annual ice cycle.
My tasks on MOSAiC
install remote L-site stations from Federov; install central flux tower; establish air-sea-ice flux measurement operations; monitor flux measurements;
My biggest challenge
Major challenges for the radiation measurements will be to keep the radiometers clean from rime. There will be people interaction challenges coordinating the data collection and the subsequent data analysis to obtain a system-oriented understanding of the Arctic sea-ice environment.
I am most excited about
Learning how the Arctic Ocean domain has changed since SHEBA.