Michel Tsamados

Michel Tsamados
University College London
Role / Position
Modelling, MOSAiC School, Remote Sensing, Sea Ice,
Akademik Federov Icebreaker, I,
My tasks on MOSAiC
I will be teaching during the MOSAiC School as well as filming for an ESA MOOC and helping with field measurements as part of a NERC funded Ka/Ku snow radar penetration project. I will be happy to assist with other research project as I have limited prior expertise in field work in the Arctic.
I am most excited about
Such expedition is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity (or less) and will provide dataset from the high Arctic for an entire year period. Such dataset will allow better understanding of key assumption made by several remote sensing techniques as well as in model parameterization and will improve our long term monitoring and modelling of the sea ice ultimately increasing our understanding of the climate of our planet and of the accuracy of our model projections.