Marc Oggier

Marc Oggier
University of Alaska
Role / Position
Ph.D. transitioning to Post-Doc for Robert Rember
Biogeochemistry, Sea Ice,
I, V,
My tasks on MOSAiC
I will be leading the ice coring effort, and looking at geophysical tracer within sea-ice such as salinity, Oxygen isotope, nutrient and trace metal
I am most excited about
Excitement, there is so many things to be excited about: The uniqueness of the expedition, first one with a modern vessel, first one since the Fram 150 years ago. The fact of being drifting in the sea-ice, with my favorite study medium just a couple of meters away for several months. The multidisciplinary of the effort, which will allow me to work closer with ocean-, snow- or atmosphere scientists and better understand how all relates to sea-ice. About challenges, there will be many of them. Although lots of planning, I'm expected we will have to smooth the operation during the first leg and figure out unforeseen events and issues. This will bring a bit of excitement too, as we may need to be creative so solve them with what is available on board. On a more personal level, I love to cook on a daily basis, and bake bread every other day. It is a way to relax. Not being able to do any of this for several months will be an interesting challenge.