Lianna Nixon

Lianna Nixon
University of Colorado, Boulder
Role / Position
Media Expert
IV, V,
Description / Responsibilities
Education and Outreach How can we communicate MOSAiC to the public through immersive media experiences? How can we connect people who do not live in the Arctic to what is happening there? What are the ways in which we can best educate our youth and public about the Arctic through interdisciplinary educational narratives?
My tasks on MOSAiC
I will be filming a 360-dome theater documentary on MOSAiC
I am most excited about
I am so excited for all of it! I am looking forward to being immersed in an international network who are all passionate about the Arctic. I am excited to document the scientists as they venture to answer questions about the Arctic and push boundaries of Arctic research. I am excited to put my film and photography to the test in documenting powerful stories about the researchers, life of the Arctic, the science, and all things Arctic.