Jessie Gardner

Jessie Gardner, PhD
University of Tromsø (UiT)
Role / Position
Postdoctoral researcher
Description / Responsibilities
Being part of team ECO I will be collecting a variety of parameters involving water sampling, filtration and measurements of biological abundance and activity. I will also be out in the field drilling cores and deploying state of the art scientific equipment. I am part of the HAVOC project which aims to understand the role of sea-ice ridges in the Arctic sea-ice system when the ice becomes thinner and level ice melts in summer.
I am most excited about
I’m really excited about the continuous time series of data- giving a glimpse into the unknown arctic where data, especially from the winter, is lacking. I’m also looking forward to working with such an international team of scientists in so many different research fields. But i expect this will be challenging. As well as working in an unpredictable, harsh environment there is so much to do! We really need to make every second count to try and get the most out of this unique opportunity.