Emelia Chamberlain

Emelia Chamberlain
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego
Role / Position
PhD student in the Bowman Lab at Scripps
Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem,
IV, V,
My tasks on MOSAiC
As part of the ECO team I will be helping collect Ecosystem key parameters (ex: coring ice, collecting water from the CTD), processing these samples in the lab, and running respiration/methane oxidation incubations for my own/my team's work.
I am most excited about
This is not only my first Arctic expedition, but my first cruise in general. I feel very lucky to be able to start my career on such an exciting and impressive project that could have lasting impacts for generations. I am very excited to experience the Arctic, collect data for my dissertation (and on one of the most well-equipped ice-breakers out there too), and have the chance to contribute to this astoundingly comprehensive cross-seasonal data set.