Chris Marsay

Dr. Chris Marsay
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, University of Georgia
Role / Position
Post-doctoral Research Associate
My tasks on MOSAiC
I will be collecting aerosol samples for analysis of trace elements (such as iron, aluminum, zinc) and beryllium-7, a radionuclide that is produced in the atmosphere and settles to the Earth's surface. I will also be collecting seawater, sea ice and snow samples so that we can calculate the beryllium-7 inventory, and use it to calculate atmospheric deposition rate.
I am most excited about
I'm excited to experience working in the Arctic again, particularly as part of such a large project as MOSAiC. I think the major challenge for me and the team I am part of will be how the equipment copes over the duration of the project. Freezing conditions and blowing snow put extra strain on motors and other equipment.