Benjamin Lange

Benjamin Lange
Norwegian Polar Institute
Role / Position
Postdoctoral fellow
Ecosystem, Sea Ice,
My tasks on MOSAiC
For my leg, I will be the lead of the HAVOC sea ice ridge sampling, which will include: sea ice coring really thick sea ice ridges (likely > 3-4 m), ice thickness, snow depth, water sampling within the ridges and monitoring autonomous instruments (e.g., buoys). I will also be a part of the larger ICE team and thus will be contributing to the larger sampling program of snow, sea ice and under-ice water properties.
I am most excited about
I am really excited to be part of the largest Arctic research expedition ever conducted! The shear magnitude of the logistics, planning and potential scientific output is mind blowing. I am also excited to be a part of such a internationally renowned group of scientists with such diverse backgrounds. There are always challenges with Polar research but one I would see as a major challenge, which is sometime out of our control, is that the Polarstern might not be able to stay with the same sea ice for the entire drift. As a sea ice researcher this would impact our sampling and how we interpret the temporal aspects of the study.