Anja Sommerfeld

Dr. Anja Sommerfeld
Alfred Wegener Institute
Role / Position
MOSAiC Project manager, Atmospheric Scientist
Atmosphere, Leadership,
My tasks on MOSAiC
I'm the project manager and therefore part of the coordination office since more than 3 years now. I could see how the idea of having such a big Arctic expedition develops towards such an amazing project. Being part of the implementation of MOSAiC keeps me very busy, but I really like it because, my job has a broad variety of tasks. I'm somehow the interface between the coordinators, scientists and logistic.
I am most excited about
I participate in Leg 2, that means 2 months in total darkness. I never had this situation before and I do not know how may mind and body behaves in this special condition. However, I will be prepared with a daylight lamp.